Corporate Philosophy

Contribution to society through
beauty and human health

We provide services that help you become who you want to be
through beauty and human health.



NBS Co., Ltd., a general beauty equipment manufacturer,
brightens the lives of many people and makes them
smile through hair removal,which is our starting bussiness.

Hair removal is a way to accept yourself.
The first step to live a bright life is
to accept yourself.
And it also brings the smiles of
your precious people.

We started with only one
beauty salon.

Company overview

Trade name NBS Co. ,LTD
Capital sock 50,000,000JPYEN
Established June 2014
Founded September 2006
Representative Representative director
Ayami Sato
Business details Development and manufacture and sales of beauty equipment and cosmetics
Headquaters location 〒460-0012
NBS building,4-1-6 Chiyoda,Naka-ku,NAGOYA,AICHI
SHANGHAI Sales office NanJing West Road 1601 Room38 ShangHai

to all over the world

NBS Co., Ltd. has been leading the industry by introducing depilators to about 1,500 beauty parlors and beauty salons in Japan, trading with about 3,000 salons in commodity. We carry out our business activity not only in Japan but also globally to help you become who you want to be.